Residential Storage

Think Inside The Box. Clean up your clutter.

Seasons come and seasons go. Let's face it, you won't get much use out of your leather jacket in our hot summer months. Nor will you feel the urge to wear linen trousers in the middle of the winter. Wouldn't you love to put these away for the months that you won't need them and pull them out mould-free when you do?

Oh, get a hobby. Considering taking up golf, but nowhere to store your clubs? Interested in boating but nowhere to store your scuba gear or fishing rods? Itching to do some woodwork, but lacking the space to store a bunch of tools? Expand your horizons by using Island Self Storage to store the equipment, tools and knick-knacks for your new hobbies.

Moving in, moving on. Moving can be hectic. Downsizing when the kids have left home, moving in with a partner, merging families, moving out after a separation, or just moving to another location in general – some extra storage space can make a world of difference in helping your transition to be as smooth as possible.

Climate Controlled Environment

We have invested in one of the first advanced dehumidification systems in Bermuda. Humidity will be kept at optimum levels, providing the ultimate safeguard for your valuables. Temperature and humidity levels will be maintained to minimise the possibility of mould developing. Our facility's back-up emergency power will ensure that this low humidity environment is maintained in the event of power interruptions.

Premium Quality, Significant Value

You get what you pay for – and then some. Offering the flexibility, security, easy access and premium location you need.

Parking Spaces Galore

Our site has parking for trucks, vans, cars and bikes. Come, park, stay awhile. No worries, no hassle.

Convenient, Round the Clock Access

Outside of our main office hours, you will have 365 day, 24/7 access to your storage unit. With our convenient location just short of a mile, mere minutes, away from the centre of Hamilton, visiting is quick and easy.

Security is Our Priority

Our facility will be under constant surveillance, courtesy of our 24-hour digital CCTV. You can feel secure accessing your unit at any time of the day or night in our well-lit corridors and parking areas. With your own personal code, in addition to a key, your belongings have twice the protection.